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Motorsport and environmentally friendly driving seem to bee faar away from eachother. But there is a sport which is ready to give you all you want: Speedy and Green!

Driving a go-kart is very exciting and not only available for professionals but anyone can be a sports car pilot for a moment twisting through chicanes at a race track. Novelty of e-karts is that they are not equiped with internal combution engines. These karts are built with high power electric motors and high capacity batteries which give this vehicles outstanding performance without any harmful emission gases. The experience of unconscious acceleration with only the sound of screeching tires and rattling of chains is fabulous!

Our Team is ready to provide you full racingand rentalservice at any event. We have references for family or company programs and able to organise complete e-kart race events for your special needs. We own up to 8 pieces of Adult E-karts and 8 pieces of Child E-kart so our fleet is capable to serve even more than 100 people a day.

Give a new experience for you Family!

Speed up your Partners in an environmentally-friendly way!

More info and references, photos, videos:



Széchenyi Race (2005-2011)
Competition of alternatively Driven Vehicles,Győr, Hungary –

MVM Energia 2.0 Race
18/09/2011, City of Budapest, Hungary

CEMOBIL E-Kart Contest 2011 (Wörthersee Trail)
25/09/2011, Klagenfurt, austria –

E-ON Charging Station Inauguration – Press Conference
11/04/2012, Győr, Hungary

“Green is better”– Press Conference.
23/04/2012,HUNGARORING, Budapest, Hungary

MOBILIS Science Center – Győrkőc Children’s Festival
6-8/07/2012 City of Győr – MoBILIS ScienceCenter –

MOBILIS Science Center – F1 Weekend
28/07/2012 MoBILIS Science Center,Győr, Hungary –

Extreme Motorsport Festival 2012
17-20/08/2012, Eto Park, Győr, Hungary

Formula Student Hungary 2012
18/08/2012, Győr-Gönyű Harbor,Hungary –

MVM Energia Race 2012
22/09/2012., City of Budapest, Hungary

CEMOBIL E-Kart Contest 2012 (Wörthersee Trail)
23/09/2012, Klagenfurt, austria –