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Spectacular Engineering Performance

The continuously growingengineering team of Willisits Engineering is dealing with diversified engineering tasks, design engineering activities. Our work covers a variety of machines, spare parts, steel structures, and complete engineering design, 2D, 3D documentation, visualization. Thus, unique design features and performance for demanding engineering are both in our bag.

Electric Drive Design and Implementation
• Children go-kart
• Adult go-kart
• E-Smart
• E-Roomster

Other design tasks
• Design of steel structures, finite element analysis
• Special machines, equipment, appliance design, gauging
• Custom furniture and surroundign object design for everyday use
• Visualization
• Special machines, equipment design, dimensioning
• Architectural design
• Static design
• Sanitary engineering and  Design

And more
• Full (general) engineering design in many areas of architectural and mashining fields
• Technical assistance and product optimization
• Preparing 3D model documentations, drawings with the neededtechnical content and format requirements
• Pilot plant and equipment design
• Cooperation / collaboration of design tasks
• 3D design from photographic and 2D drawing raw material
• Digitizing old drawings and other documentaion
• Digitizing survey drawings and hand sketches
• Design an engineering tasks in many areas of the industry
• Loan staff for design works